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Corporate America is shutting average Americans' voices out, while they help themselves to taxpayer dollars. The economic playing field is tilted against the middle class — and we have the power to change that.

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Beginning with Ronald Reagan, which Party has added the most to the Federal Debt?

The Tax and Spend Party


The Conservative Small Government Party

PresidentYearsPartyAddition to Federal DebtSignificant Events
Donald Trump2016-2020Republican$7.8 TrillionCovid 19 pandemic
Barack Obama2008-2016Democrat$8.59 Trillion The 2008 financial meltdown
George H. Bush2002-2008Republican$5.85 TrillionThe Iraq War
William Clinton1994-2001Democrat$1.4 Trillion
George H.W. Bush1990-1994Republican$1.55 Trillion
Ronald Reagan1982-1990Republican$1.86 Trillion


Democratic $9.9 Trillion.                 Republican $17.06 Trillion

Every President before Reagan added just billions to the Debt. 

(Carter $299 billion)-

( Ford $244 billion)-

( Nixon  $121 billion) 

(LBJ. $42 billion)-

(JFK  $23 billion)-

( Eisenhower $23 billion)-

(Truman $7 billion)

Two presidents even lowered the Federal Debt, Calvin Coolidge by $5 billion, and Warren Harding by $1.6 billion.

There are many reasons for the debt totals, recessions, wars, the first year of any president’s budget was written by the departing president. Inflation is a factor, how much did the debt go up percentage-wise.

But I think both parties are pretty good spenders.

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