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Mining Taxes

Miners don’t have to dig for this tax break: depletion allowance for hard rock mining companies

Depletion Allowance for hard Rock Mining Companies

Hard rock minerals include gold, silver, copper, uranium, lead, zinc, and a few others.

What is depletion allowance? When you start a business, you usually total all your startup costs and put them on your balance sheet. If all your startup costs totaled $10,000 and those assets would last ten years, you could reduce your income by $1000 a year. That method is the norm.

Hard rock miners have a choice

Hard rock miners have a choice; they can do normal depreciation, like In the example above, or depending on what metal they’re mining, they can elect to use the depletion allowance, which allows them to deduct 15% to 22% of the revenue each year as long as the mine operates. That saves them a lot of taxes.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this tax break reduces federal revenue by $8.4 billion over ten years. That generous tax break is on top of the fact that hard rock miners pay no royalties to the government for all the minerals they take out.

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