It Ain't Fair

Corporate America is shutting average Americans' voices out, while they help themselves to taxpayer dollars. The economic playing field is tilted against the middle class — and we have the power to change that.

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What is all about

Our three objectives

One: To spread information. We want to show you that congress does not always operate in the best interests of its citizens. 

Two: To provoke thought. When and Why did everything become about money, greed, and selfishness, this attitude that “I got mine and to hell with you.”

Three: To come together. Every one of these posts either causes you to pay more taxes, takes away the ability to have your voice heard, or tilts the economic playing field against the average American.

Basic principles we believe

     We believe that capitalism is the best method for organizing societies’ economic system, with some guardrails.

     America needs some inequality. Everybody needs some incentive to get ahead.

     We believe in personal responsibility. 

     We believe money is power.

     We believe that helping citizens, all citizens, to become self-sufficient is a good goal for society.

     We believe that if enough citizens around the country band together and fight for what we want, we can change some things. It’s like Mother Theresa said.” Can’t feed a hundred people, feed one.” Well, if we could fix only one thing, we’d all be better off.

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